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Topic: Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil on Skin during Winters

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil For Hair, Skin During Winters

Benefits of Almond oil: Dry fruits are a treasure trove of health. When it comes to Almond it is icing on the cake. The almond is the most important nut in the world in terms of commercial production. Best quality almond production is located in Mediterranean climate zones, in California and northwest Mexico, in a small part of Australia and in other reduced areas around the world.
Taxonomically, the almond tree, Prunus dulcis, belongs to the family Rosaceae.

It can be used internally as well as externally by various means. Many of us take it after soaking overnight in water, some like to consume it directly, some use it with other culinary and some use its oil. The Almond oil / Badam Rogan has more benefits than used directly as a raw kernel.

It is reported that Almond contains 44% oil. This amazing oil is extracted from raw almonds. Technically, there are two kinds of almond oils — bitter and sweet. Amygdalin is the chief constituent in bitter almond oil that converts into hydrocyanic acid after processing, which is toxic in nature. This oil can be used for topical application only. Whereas sweet almond oil is made from edible almonds and used extensively as medicines as well as culinary purposes.

Sweet almond oil lavishly bound with monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and a number of other essential vitamins and minerals making it integral to healthy living. It is free of cholesterol and Trans fat.

General Health Benefits of Almond Oil

Monounsaturated fatty acids present in Almond oil boost heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases, keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay, restores liver health. It also regulates blood pressure and maintains the cholesterol levels because it is high in potassium and low in sodium. Regular consumption of almond oil improves the immunity and helps in fighting with common infections. It is also an effective laxative, ensuring better cleansing of the
gastrointestinal tract system.

Almond oil is a great source of vitamin D that is required for the absorption of calcium in the body and obviously, calcium is extremely vital for a newborn to develop and strengthen bones.

Benefits on Almond Oil During Winter

1. It is enriched with vitamins E, A, and B makes skin healthier, clears the complexion, bestow a warm glow to the skin, nourishing skin and makes it smoother and softer as well as shields the skin from harmful rays of the sun.

2. Regular use of Almond Oil reduces dark circles and crow’s feet around the eyes.

3. The vitamin E and fatty acids present in this oil reverse and prevent signs of ageing. It
promotes skin renewal and fights wrinkles. The moisturizing property of almond oil loosens
the impurities and the dead skin, making it effortless to remove them.

4. It is light and therefore less greasy compared to other oils. It smoothens the
skin and makes it baby soft and also gets easily absorbed in the skin owing to its lightness.
oil of almonds smells so good, and its zinc content soothes rough skin and heals cracked heels.

5. This oil’s rich vitamin content and moisturizing properties keep lips soft and pink.

6. Almond oil has been proved its effectiveness for all kinds of skin problems like acne,
psoriasis, and eczema. Being an emollient, it soothes irritation and relaxes the skin.

7. Our skin is frequently exposed to dust, heat, pollution, and unsafe chemical beauty
products. All of this can lead to inflammation. If ignored, this inflammation can cause an
acute case of hair fall and dandruff. Its high content of fatty acids moisturizes and softens the
skin tissues and also improves blood circulation as well as soothes inflammation.

8. Almonds specifically has antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals that restore and
rejuvenate the hair follicles; prevent split ends and effectively cures dandruff by removing
dead cells. Light texture makes it shine enhancers & conditioners.

9. The potassium and zinc present in the almond oil strengthen and hydrate nails, and prevent
from breaking during winter.

10. Almond oil helps in maintaining body temperature during winter.

Almond oil is definitely useful for everyone including neonates, women, and elderly

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