Healthy Living


Healthy Living

Healthy living isn’t a myth or just a post you read about on a lifestyle blog. It is, actually within your reach! Healthy living is a culmination of right food choices, exercise, rest and a state of mental wellbeing. Living a healthy lifestyle not only mean you shall live longer but it also improves your quality of life. The key to a healthy lifestyle is not strict diets and long hours at the gym but it’s simply balancing the right amounts of everything. Eating right and exercising are truly important but they are not the only factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Upakarma Ayurveda provides a range of products that you can inculcate into your daily routine. Small changes in your routine, such as taking a capsule of Ashwagandha or our Shilajit capsules will help revitalize your body and mind. They reduce stress and anxiety and improve memory. Upakarma Ayurveda’s pure Shilajit, extracted from the rocks of mountains, in resin form will detoxify your mind, keep you calm and enhance your overall performance during the day.

Flaxseeds, known as a super food, provide a plethora of benefits as well. You can get creative with your recipes and have them with yogurt, sprinkle some on your salad, over your cereals. You can also add them to water as an egg substitute. Flax seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It reduces cholesterol levels and helps in weight management as well!

A healthy lifestyle is a choice. The choice you deserve to make for a longer, healthier and fuller life!